Lower cost Calls and Line Rentals with MB Telecom

MB Telecom work closely with our service provider to deliver cheaper telephone calls to your business without loss of quality or service. This is done by us simply applying a product called Carrier Pre Select ( CPS ) to your telephone number.

Check out our CPS Frequently Asked Questions word file here which explains why CPS works so well for your business.

Around 72% of SME businesses in the UK still pay too much for their telephone services and many small business are wasting between £400 - £7000 per annum by not selecting the most relevant and up-to-date tariffs available to them. MB Telecom will provide you with honest advice on what package suits YOUR business. Every plan we create is unique to your company ensuring you will receive special pricing in the areas where it is most relevant.  In most cases this can save you 40% on your BT bill. The picture below shows a typical BT call breakdown on a quarterly bill. If you Fax, email or give us the below information verbally we are able to work out your savings to the nearest penny. We have already saved over 300 businesses £1000's off their annual telecom bills growing our business via customer satisfaction.

  • Fully itemised bills each month
  • Payment via Direct Debit
  • Per second billing
  • No minimum contract period
  • Guaranteed to be cheaper than BT
  • Detailed Graphs of all calls made
  • We can Support all of your business needs
  • Birmingham based - Local Presence

Cheaper Line Rental through MB Telecom

Transfering Existing Lines

The MB Telecom line rental service allows us to take ownership of your current BT lines. MB Telecom becomes your contracted supplier for the rental of the lines and we therefore take full responsibility for orders, customer service, billing and fault queries. There is no disruption of service as the physical infrastructure remains with BT. We are simply transferring the billing and support across via BT wholesale (our supplier).

Although the main benefit of MB Telecom line rental is the 10% discount we provide across BTs lines, many companies simply want to consolidate their billing or want to remain with BT but find their customer care unexceptable. By transferring to MB Telecom, we provide BTs reliable lines combined with our determined focus to deliver exceptional customer care. You will be allocated a dedicated account manager with a direct number so you do not have to wait in any call centre queues ever again!

New Lines or conversions

If you need additional lines installing then MB Telecom can provide all aspects of BT service including PSTN (Analogue), ISDN 2e and ISDN 30e. Our lines are all installed by BT Openreach engineers which means that we use the same engineers employed by BT Retail however we pay less to BT for our line rentals and hence pass the savings onto you. MB Telecom are also specialists in providing help and advice on upgrading existing services and getting the most out of digital ISDN service. Call us today to discuss your business needs.

Help and Support

All MB Telecom lines also include the option of totalcare support which will ensure you can contact our fault centre 247 in case of emergency. The fault will be reported to BT in the normal way and if necessary an engineer visit will be arranged, usually within 4 working hours.

  • Experienced Account Managers
  • Guaranteed Cost Savings
  • One bill for calls, line rentals and broadband service
  • Free advice and help if you pay for too many lines
  • A Single point of contact for all your needs