Market your business with Non Geograpical Numbers

If you need a number for a marketing campaign or are looking to filter out casual enquiries, MB Telecom offers a wide range of Freephone, Local Rate, National Rate and Premium Rate numbers to help your business achieve its goals. Help your business maximise marketing opportunities whilst improving customer relations.

All MB Telecom Non geo numbers are available with call logging software so you can monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns. We can also migrate any non geographical number onto your existing telephone system which will allow you to have different numbers routing to different departments. We charge NO MONTHLY RENTAL FOR ALL OF OUR NON GEOGRAPHIC NUMBERS

0800 – Freephone
MB Telecoms' Freephone service is one of the most powerful sales and marketing tools available to your organisation. Research has shown a freephone number is a key factor for prospects in deciding which company to call and it has been proven that they can generate up to three times more business than conventional numbers. The caller pays nothing for the call and you are billed a low pence per second for the call duration.

0845 – Lo-call rate
Encourage customers to keep in touch by using a lo-call rate number to subsidise the call cost. Lo-call rate numbers will help your business increase the effectiveness of Marketing campaigns and due to the charge associated may help deter casual callers who are not really interested in your service.

The caller pays a low call rate, regardless of their location and you simply share the call costs by paying a low fixed pence per minute rate.

0870 – National rate
National rate numbers can be a cost effective way of talking to customers and prospects when there is a assured reason or demand. If the call volumes are high enough, National rate numbers can provide your company with a significant additional revenue stream.

The caller pays a fixed national rate charge, regardless of their location and you take a pence per minute revenue share on the duration of the call (usually between 2PPM - 2.4 PPM).

09XX – Premium Rate
MB Telecom also offer Premium Rate numbers which enable you to reach a wide audience, whether it is your core business or simply part of your customer service operation, whilst having the opportunity to genertate more revenue from the services or products provided by your organisation. The caller pays a premium fixed rate (you pre-determine) of the call. The caller is billed for the cost of the call and you receive a premium revenue share. Ideal for support teams.

For full number allocation details, please see the table below:

0800 Freephone Number
0808 Freephone Number
0844 Flexible Call Rate from 1p to 5p/minute
0845 Local Rate Number
0870 National Rate Number
0871 Flexible Call Rate from 6p to 10p/minute