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Panasonic KX-TDA200 Business System

The Panasonic KX-TDA200 is a hybrid IP PBX system that supports up to 256 extensions.

The KXTDA200 is a hybrid IP PBX system to fulfil customers requirements today and into the future. It can be configured to meet their present needs and expand as their applications grow or change.

The KXTDA200 is a next generation product, combining PBX reliability with IP technology offering efficient and flexible communication.

The KXTDA200 cost effectively bridges the gap between the telecom requirements today, and the demand for future integrated solutions.

The Panasonic KX-TDA200 is the answer for you if your business is to be competitive, it needs an up-to-date business communications system that works seamlessly with IT, and combines voice and data in one low-cost, next-generation, hybrid solution.

A sophisticated combination of PBX reliability and IP technology, the IP-enabled Panasonic KX-TDA200 cost-effectively bridges the gap between your telecom requirements today, and your demand for future integrated solutions. Just what you would expect from one of the UK’s most successful business communication solutions providers.

Both the KX-TDA100 and KX-TDA200 phone systems can be installed within a 19” rack and can adapt to meet your needs now and in the future, making it easy to upgrade or expand, providing a more cost-effective solution to suit your company’s specific needs.

The desktop Call Centre

Once upon a time call centres were associated with large telesales companies. These days more and more companies are making the most out of the extra facilities a call centre can offer, whether they be telesales, customer service or any other company department.

The KX-TDA200 makes it possible to integrate voice and data, meaning you have available to you all the features and functionality of a full call centre, whatever the size of your business.

(CTI) Computer Telephony Integration

CTI Enables you to have fast easy access to customer files while they are on the telephone, linking your database with your telephone system. CTI enables you to keep track on customer information as your company grows. CTI enables you to create a powerful business tool that can only enhance your customer relationships.

Monitored Performance

Panstat call management software enables you to monitor how your telephone system is being used, whether it be for a single department or for the whole company.

The Panstat call management software is easy to use and offers daily, weekly, monthly and anually reports in an easy to read format.

Panasonic KX-TDA200 Key Features

  • Inc L-type PSU
  • Initial Configuration: 0 lines and 0 extensions - max configuration 128 lines or 128 extensions
    (256 digital extensions with v1.1 - free software upgrade 3rd quarter 2003)
  • Caller ID on analogue lines (DPT only - SLTs from version 1.1) Message waiting lamp on SLTs
  • 19inch rack mountable (option)
  • Mulit-tenancy operation
  • Advanced hotel features
  • Digital X-DP - version 1.1
  • DISA with messages
  • Voice Over IP
  • ARS/LCR, Automatic ISDN Setting (BRI)
  • Background Music (BGM)
  • Budget Management
  • Busy on busy
  • Call barringCall logging
  • Call park with indication
  • Call pickup groups
  • Calling Line Identification (CLI)
  • Class of service (CSS)
  • Data line security
  • Delayed ringing
  • Direct In Lines (DIL), Direct Inward Dialling (DIL)
  • Echo cancellation
  • Electronic lock
  • Emergency Call
  • Existing APT/DPT compatibility
  • Extension groups
  • External BGM
  • External sensor / relay control
  • Flexible numbering plan (5-digit)
  • Floating extension
  • Greeting message
  • Host PBX acces code
  • Hunting groups
  • Hurry-up transfer
  • Intercept routing - busy/DND
  • Intercept to trunk
  • Manger functions
  • MPR, Card / CS software download
  • Multiple language support
  • Online diagnostics
  • Operator functions
  • PC console PC phone (optional)
  • PC programming
  • Paging groups
  • Quick set-up
  • Remote alarm notification
  • Remote extension status conrol through DISA
  • Ring groups
  • Special carrrier access
  • System memory expansion
  • Tenant service
  • Timed reminder
  • Time service (day/night/lunch/break)
  • Trunk Groups
  • Uniform call distribution (UCD)
  • VIP-call
  • Visual caller ID

Add ons:

  • Music on Hold
  • Call Costing Printer
  • Voice mail/processing (KX-TVP range)
  • Integrated system DECT
  • Call Mangement Software
  • 1st party CTI (Callstream)
  • 3rd Party CTI (DTA)
  • Call Centre Management
  • Hotel Management (full front of house)
  • Call Queing
  • Headsets (Panasonic TC-1 & Sonata)
Max Lines
Max Extensions
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3 Lines
8 Extensions
8 Lines
24 Extensions
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20 Extensions
12 Lines
52 Extensions
64 Lines
128 Extensions
128 Lines
256 Extensions
640 Lines
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