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Panasonic KX-TDA30 Business System

Building on the success of the KX-TDA100 and 200, Panasonic are proud to announce their new KX-TDA30 system, which allows a convergence of technology.

Through the bridging of both Telecom and IT networks, this hybrid IP-PBX solution provides a complete communications solution for a variety of applications, helping to improve your productivity, save you money, and integrate your people, your phone system and your IT infrastructure.

Designed specifically for the needs of small businesses, branch or regional offices that want a modern communication solution that improves efficiency and combines multiple applications, the KX-TDA30 offers a maximum of 12 lines/52 extensions and is also able to be installed within a 19” rack. Boasting the same impressive features as the KX-TDA100/200, the KX-TDA30 system can adapt to meet your needs now and in the future, making it easy to upgrade or expand, providing a more cost-effective solution to suit your company’s specific needs.

A Complete Communications Solution

The New KXTDA30 is a hybrid IP PBX system to fulfil customers requirements today and into the future. It can be configured to meet their present needs and expand as their applications grow or change.

The Panasonic KX-TDA 30 is the perfect business telephone system for small to medium sized companies that need to invest in a pabx and phones that can grow with them. This hybrid pbx enabled for Voice over IP (voip) is the next piece in the KXTDA jigsaw and supports up to 12 lines and 52 extensions as well as IP connections.

Capable of supporting existing Panasonic KXTD key phones, it is the logical step forward for those concerned with expansion and keeping up with technology.

The KXTDA30 is the ideal size for core SME business with all the associated benefits of purchasing a Panasonic telephone system.

It's easy to use and has a range of features that includes that all important voip compatibility for maximising the benefits of new and existing network links between offices.

Supporting a wide choice of handsets

The KX-TDA 30 supports a wide choice of handsets, with sophisticated features for advanced communications and ease of use.

Panasonic offer a comprehensive line-up of five stylish key phones, cleverly designed with four tilt positions and available in black or white to suit every user’s taste and budget. The KXT7636 offers many features such as, 6 Line, 24 Character Backlit Caller-ID Display, 20-Character Extension ID, Large messaging/Ringing Lamp (Red/Green), a new navigation key, and 24 flexible dual colour keys. Also with a built-in headset jack, customers can easily use headsets or handsets, enabling them to always keep both hands on the keyboard.

Compatible with DECT handsets

Compatible with Panasonic’s new enhanced DECT handsets, the up-to-the-minute KX-TCA155 and KX-TCA255 Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony (DECT) handsets allow users to make and receive both internal and external calls from anywhere on the premises through a range of strategically placed cell stations. As well as providing an excellent opportunity to build brand image through efficient telephone call handling, DECT extensions allow smaller companies to raise their profile and appear larger from the outset. The KX-TDA30 has the option of a novel, low-cost DECT solution by allowing DECT cell stations to be wired directly to existing extensions, eliminating the need to purchase a DECT card, saving money and making DECT more affordable for more companies.

KXTDA V2.0 Key Features

  • Extension Caller ID for simple phones and simple DECT cordless. Many systems provide CLI to keyphones and system DECT, but few provide it down to simple phones.
  • New DECT Cordless Base Station connectivity to digital extension ports rather than separate DECT cards. (Exclusive to KX-TDA30)
  • New DECT Repeater Stations (KX-A272) for cost effective expansion of cordless coverage. (Exclusive to KX-TDA30)
  • Single Slot IP Gateway Card
  • Compatible with KX-TD Handsets
  • RJ45 Connectivity
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Max Extensions
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